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Microchip Technology Inc. manufactures a wide choice of semiconductor products. Many of us has MICROCHIP fixated as a company especially producing small PIC microcontrollers. Already twenty years passed from times when Microchip had started to produce first small microcontrollers and made them available for all firms, small or big. In the meantime Microchip became not only a worldwide number one in 8-bit microcontrollers but thanks to continual development it offers really wide portfolio of microcontrollers nowadays, from the smallest 8-bit 6-pin ones to high performance 32-bit processors based on the MIPS architecture.

But today's Microchip manufactures not only microcontrollers but also an array of other quality discrete and analog semiconductors: rail-to-rail operating amplifiers, communication interfacing IOs, temperature sensors, voltage references, supervisors, linear regulators, MOSFET drivers, IOs for power management, ...

Since June 2012, MICRORISC is a Microchip Design Partner and Value Added Partner for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. For all Microchip parts we provide custom designs and consequent deliveries.

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